ZeeBohm's Retro Horror Series.

ZeeBohm coined the term “Fluorogore” to describe his trademark fluorescent vintage horror style. The 1 of 1 “Fluorogore” NFT collection is now on opensea.io.

In this series, we desecrate such conventional notions as beauty, innocence, and peace with twisted visions of decay. Drawing inspiration from the depths of the subconscious, each piece is intended as a catalyst to remind you of scenes from your own nightmares from the past that you’ve tried to forget. Or maybe introduce you to some new ones!

Welcome to “Fluorogore”. Tell us what you dig up from the darkness!

We will post updates to @zeebohm on instagram and twitter.

AI Video.


Welcome to the home base of ZeeBohm, web 3.0 developer and curator of “1 of 1” AI art NFTs. ZeeBohm specializes in dark themes from horror and sci-fi that challenge the mind. His goal is to shock you with visuals that invoke a visceral response. By blending elements of surrealism, futurism, modernism, and impressionism with pop culture and mythology, ZeeBohm maximizes the impact of each piece.

In addition to developing a blue-chip generative NFT series, ZeeBohm is currently releasing one-offs and pieces from personal collections. More information about ZeeBohm’s projects, partnership agreements, and personal releases to come. Enjoy, and thank you for your support.


Featured ZeeBohm NFT’s minted at Opensea.

NFT Collections.

More information about ZeeBohm’s NFT collections at Opensea.

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